Hollywood’s take on Twitter drama is mixed. Many didn’t bother, while others left the platform – Update Howl

No, LeBron James doesn’t want to be traded — it was unleashed on the world by a fake Twitter account purporting to belong to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar, when the verification system pays $8 and pretends to be anyone for a short appearance. And no, actor Edward Norton isn’t that worried about the possible … Read more

Hurts, McNabb, Vick on the legacy of black quarterbacks in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA — Sitting on the elegant stone steps of the Grand Staircase Hall at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and Jalen Hurts gathered Tuesday to talk about their shared history as Eagles leaders and Black quarterbacks in the NFL. McNabb, the oldest at 45, recounted an interview he had with local … Read more