Tattoo artist makes Chiefs art out of Oreos

Kansas City-based tattoo artist Gabe Uvario used a unique medium for Kansas City Chiefs artwork.

Art is the broadest and most subjective part of our daily life. From music to architecture to clothing, art is everywhere, no matter how much one loves traditional art. On Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs fans have their own art on the gridiron. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is called a magician, but his playmaking is beautiful. Kansas City tattoo artist Gabe Uvario took team art on the field a step further, but to know Uvario’s art you have to know the person.

Uvario has a quiet art studio on Broadway in Kansas City. He is 31 years old and developed his skills and love for art from an early age in New Jersey.

“Since I was four years old, I just loved to draw,” Uvarios said. “I believe that everyone is an artist to a different degree. Some people express it differently or are more driven by it. “

Throughout his childhood, he talked about art, drawing his father’s friends at the family’s Mexican restaurant, or drawing friends from high school. Those flying years evolved into a full-time tattooing career.

Scrolling through his Instagram feed, you see dozens of tattoos ranging from photo-realistic portraits to cityscapes showing Kansas City pride. Occasionally, Uvario himself appears, often with some representation of the Chiefs.

“My family moved around a lot, so I never had a hometown team,” Uvario said. “I became a Cheifs fan after I moved to Missouri [quarterback] Alex Smith years I’m big Patrick [Mahomes] fan. I even had him sign some of my work before. “

Uvari has several Chiefs-related pieces in his work, from Arrowhead Stadium to a tattoo celebrating Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory. Uvario even tattooed Chiefs cornerback DiCaprio Bootle. Bootle had only good things to say about his Uvario tattoo, calling it “the best of the best”. However, Uvario had to multiply this experience in an unexpected way.

Uvario and his girlfriend spent 50 hours over five days on the Oreo art piece. The piece shows Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce standing together on the sidelines during the 2021 season. These two superstars are big reasons for both the Chiefs recent success and Uvari’s love for the Cheifs.

“I always like to compete and see if I can do something,” Uvario said. “We put 240 Oreos in a piece, way more than. [Rob the Original]Portrait of Tupac.”

Uvario was inspired by “Rob the Original”, a popular barber who also creates multi-media art. From broken glass to toast to pumpkins, Uvario had some high level inspiration. He described the process as a puzzle, using the details in each Oreo to create the big picture. Uvario did not want his work to go to waste, so he preserved it in resin. While the initial labor was a labor of love, he intends to either keep this portrait in his studio or make it available at an upcoming art show on 19-20. November in Kansas City.

Art is in everyday life and takes many forms for fans. Uvario took his skills and fandom to a new level in this piece. His Oreo art has received thousands of likes on social media and dozens of comments from amazed viewers. Many have tagged Kelce, Mahomes and the Chiefs themselves to show them Uvari’s work, but getting their attention isn’t his ultimate goal.

“I love entertaining people with my artwork,” Uvario said. I keep improving and I want to be one of the biggest artists in the world. Besides, who doesn’t want to be their own boss? “

If you’d like to see more of Uvari’s tattoos, art, or just follow another Chiefs fan, check him out on Instagram at @gabe13tattoo.


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