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💵 I didn’t write them for money💰

I never wrote them for money!

I wrote them just for fun!

I always just wrote them down!

I never sang them to anyone!

I wrote a few for my mother,

I wrote volumes for my wife!

They were always written for others,

Just from the stories of my life!

One day I’ll stop writing

I will put down the book and the pen!

The preacher will say a few words about me

This can be several of them!

He never wrote them for money,

He always wrote them just for fun!

They were always just written down,

Just share with anyone!

So if you like my writing,

And if my words be true!

I always want to share my Lord!

So I wrote them for you all!

But I never wrote them for money,

I always wrote them just for fun!

It’s the way I choose to share my life

So you can give to anyone!

I never wrote them for money

I never wrote them for fame!

I always just wrote them down

Just to share the name of my savior!

.dbs. 4/11/2022

Lens That I See Thru!🤓

Some people must think I’m crazy

Because I will write a line or two!

But it’s the way I tell my story

It is the lens that I see!

I’ve walked many miles down

On the road that was my lot:

But I keep my smile on

How long I trot!

I love the beauty of the rose

And despise the curse of thorns!

But the smell of the rose

He is still loved instead of despised!

When you laugh at my eccentricities

When you hear my story!

Maybe it’s a pain reliever

It is the lens that I see!

So bear with me friends,

How we are on the way to the end!

So keep that smile on your face

And don’t slow down!

Keep your eyes on the Lord!

That’s the lens I see!

.dbs. 4/11/2022


As the morning sun begins to color the eastern sky,

We slowly raise our eyebrows and ask ourselves why?

This peaceful sleep is coming to an end

When we sleep and dreams intertwine!

We rattle out of bed and stumble down the hall!

I am trying to wake up and answer the call of nature!

To the kitchen so we don’t end up in a stew,

With the pot and the sediment, we prepare the morning brew!

The fragrance that begins awakens the other brow,

Our noses twitch, this will blow our minds!

Now like this nectar I pour from the pot,

I’ll take a sip when I get my thoughts together!

The trials of this day will come to try our soul to win!

So I begin my day before my Lord, my friend!

I will seek His face if I am to win these trials!

And I have my favorite morning mix in hand!

.dbs. 11/09/2022


Why is the wall there?

All alone in the village;

and why the names on the wall? Do we know them? Who is everyone? That makes me think I ask;

what does it mean? What was their task?

All fought, some died for me and you,

defending still red white and blue!

This memory has a festive theme!

About freedom and it’s a priceless dream.

When I’m old I’ll remember

the sacrifice of these dear men?

What does memory board mean?

Of the fallen, be it small or great. That’s a priceless reminder! A battle won a victory!

It means everything, a memory precious

when we look at the wall that stands there?

Or was a higher price once paid?

or the sacrifice laid on the altar?

When I look, I see him hanging there on the cross in deep despair!

No one can find a bigger name!

Nor he whose mercy was so kind!

For my poor soul in my sinful state,

No sacrifice can be so great!

Now that I look and in my memory I see!

I remember that Christ died for me!

so now i want to ask you!

Will you be forgiven too?

So the next time you see a memory wall, you can share its love with one and all!

dbs. 26/09/2010

Special thanks and kudos to our entire army today!


In honor of her birthday on Sunday!

🌹There is still love in our hearts today, 🌹

❤️ Tammy! ❤️

This week as I rode through the hills, Tammy,

And looked down the road,

While I sat at the same chapel door, Tammy,

Where I first saw you years ago!

The days when we met are long gone, Tammy,

And the time we gathered for prayer

Water still flows over the hills Tammy

Just like with us yesterday!

I still keep the words you wrote Tammy

Even though the ink has faded a lot over the years,

And your pillow is still on my bed Tammy

Even if it holds back so many tears!

There’s gray in my hair when it fades Tammy

And my step is slower today

Before it was many years ago, Tammy,

Even if they took you away!

Our children still love you so dear Tammy,

Every day they miss you more and more

The savior you taught them to love, Tammy

Until we meet on God’s golden shore!

.dbs. 7/8/2022

???When at a loss for words????

When I long to write and cannot find a word,

And in my mind it is not heard!

Where can I go to fill this void?

To fulfill my soul’s desire;

Search me, O God, said the psalmist;

And clear the thoughts in my head!

O may the word of God above,

Fill my heart and He can do it;

That His word may light the way,

To guide me through the darkest day!

Now as I stumble and fall

He lifts me up as I cry out to Him!

As I travel this stony road

And grumble at my burden of burden;

I ask, Lord, how can it be

That you can love someone like me?

And go give me your hug

And pull me close and kiss my cheek!

As I stoop and hide my eye,

How can you love me is my cry?

So when I’m speechless

Lord, lead me back to that cross!

Let my words and let my plea,

Be, Lord, that others may see!

Christ who bore our sin and died,

To bring us safely to His Fathers side!

.dbs. 14/11/2022


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