Amid the education debate in the Kansas governor’s race, school choice is key

Education dominated the governor’s race between Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly and her Republican challenger, Attorney General Derek Schmidt.

The two sides have grappled with a range of issues, from Kansas school lockdowns caused by COVID-19 to whether transgender female athletes should be allowed to compete in interscholastic girls’ sports.

But both campaigns have talked less about something that education groups generally expect will be back on the agenda in 2023: expanding public school offerings.

In fact, it’s perhaps the most significant difference between the two candidates on school funding, with both candidates saying they support constitutional school funding after years of litigation over the issue.

The broader issue remained a flashpoint as Kelly’s campaign criticized Schmidt for defending a school funding plan that was later found inadequate by the Kansas Supreme Court, while Republicans said she deserved little credit for securing the constitutional funding level ordered by the high court.


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