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By Nathaniel R

It was a special weekend for moviegoers. Hollywood wanted to give Black Panther 2 enough space and it’s not quite Thanksgiving, so only two new wide releases risked opening: Offer and She said. It worked for the first and it bothered the second. In the limited version, a slightly similar story, but just remove a few 0’s like Bones and all and Inspection both opened on a handful of screens. In both box office shootouts, viewers tended to choose the violent option. Violent thrills are really what sell movie tickets today, with or without a vfx budget. We wish the general moviegoer had broader tastes, but it is…

Weekend box office (current)
18.-20. november
πŸ”Ί = new or expanding / β˜… = Recommended
1 BLACK PANTHER WAKANDA FOREVER $66.4 (approx $287.1) 1 UNTIL $228,000 (approx. $8.5) 656 screens
2 πŸ”Ίβ˜… OFFER $9 *NEW* 2 β˜… TAR $184,000 (approx. $4.9) 205 screens
3 BLACK ADAM $4.6 (approx. $157.1) 3 β˜… THE TRIANGLE OF SADNESS (Sweden/UK) $170,000 (approx. $3.8)
4 β˜… TICKET TO PARADISE $3.1 (approx $61.5) 4 πŸ”Ί BONES AND ALL $121,000 *NEW* 5 screens
5 πŸ”Ίβ˜… SHE SAID $2.2 *NEW* 5 β˜… DECISION TO LEAVE (South Korea) $91,000 (approx. $1.7) 96 screens
6 LYLE LYLE CROCODILE $1.9 (approx. $43.1)

6 β˜… FABELMANS $89,000 (approx $309,009) 4 screens


7 SMILE $1.1 (approx. $104.5)

7 SCARY 2 $75,000 (approx. $10.5) 180 screens

8 CORITTE FOR THE DEVIL $919,000 (approx. $18.3) 8 β˜… BEHIND THE SUN $75,000 (approx $689,000) 97 screens
9 β˜… BANSHEES INISHERIN $729,000 (approx. $7.1) 9 β˜… CONTROL $65k *NEW* 5 screens
There are currently only 9 films in wide release 10 MEET IN THE BATHROOM 24 thousand dollars (approx. 278 thousand dollars) 29 screens
…that’s too little for a healthy film culture 11 EO $24k *NEW* 2 screens
…do better Hollywood 12 BAD AX (doc) $9k *NEW* 24 screens

Hopefully, with more awareness of “awards season” and “best of” interviews coming up during the holidays, awards junkies will pick up some steam. Hollywood may think that the industry can only thrive off of franchises, but that’s not really the case. Diversity is needed for the health of films. They conditioned people — as we have been warning readers about for 20 years!!! — thinking of movies only as art or as movies worth seeing, even if they are not “spectacles” for a short time each year (Dec-Feb). The results were quite disastrous. But at least people still tune in to what is considered “best” in those months, as the conditioning suggested.

EVERYONE… support things other than franchises in theaters. Please!

What have you been watching this week? I hit two critics screenings Devotion (other aviation drama this year) a Babylon and also finally caught up Behind the sun which I should have jumped on right after the festival praise. It’s fascinating to play, but even better when it has time to linger.

The big new movie for kids this holiday weekend is from Disney A strange world though we hope families with older children who can handle the mature themes will consider Steven Spielberg The Fabelmans which is O family or airline drama Devotion. Since Thanksgiving is a big movie, that’s not all. A sad romantic drama Bones and all is expanding rapidly, Knives Out continuation of the comic book mystery Glass onion will only receive a one-week theatrical release timed for the holidays, and other award contenders qualify for the Oscars or on the platform: All Beauty and Bloodshed, The Nanny, Son, Corridors of Power, Freedom in Flames: Ukraine’s Struggle for Freedom, and White noise.


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