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LIGHTS, camera, action! The CNMI film industry is taking the stage thanks to a partnership between Hollywood producer Brad Krevoy, Northern Marianas College and the Office of the Governor, which will allocate $1 million to the NMC film program.

At the request of Governor Ralph DLG Torres, Krevoy – Executive Director of the Motion Picture Corporation of America – visited Saipan with his crew: David Anselmo, Amy Krell and James “Jimmy” Townsend.

“We want to organize a training program for anyone who wants to learn how to actually make a film, from writers, actors, directors and people who enjoy post-production,” Krevoy said at the meeting. -and-greet with NMC students, faculty, administrators and community members on Tuesday evening.

“The goal is that after the first year, as many people as possible in this room and from their community will have a chance to learn, and by the second year a chance to promote, so that within a few years it will be all of you with your own crews. We want to train at least two crews for the films we want to shoot here and then we want to move into a bigger budget area,” he added.

“As someone once said, ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal.’ It is not. Everything you should do, you should do because you love it, and then your success will follow if you stick with it. You will always face obstacles, but on the other hand, for every obstacle you will find happiness, so my advice to you, whatever it is, find it in your heart. Don’t give up and keep going. That’s my story and that’s what I’m sticking to,” Krevoy said with a slight smile.

Canadian producer Anselmo shared how the crew helped build and transform the film industry in his hometown.

“I really wanted to come home and start where I came from, and the reason is that I had my little paradise about four hours north of Toronto. I saw the similarity with what I had here then, today, I talked and listened to stories from some people who were very passionate about where they live and the history of the island,” he said.

“When we came home there was no industry, but again, as I mentioned, we had great leaders who decided to really invest and make sure we were creating exciting new jobs for young people like me who wanted to stay home. and I see it here today from the conversations I’ve had,” he added.

Anselmo returned to Ontario, Canada in 2010 and realized that there are three key components to creating a film industry: infrastructure, equipment and people.

“The most important component is people. It’s training the crew and training people to be able to work in the industry,” he said.

He noted that this investment in training crews, including college students, has spawned a film industry with more than 300 crew members and countless films that have grossed about $250 million a year in Ontario.

“We’ve doubled down on what we do and created an industry by training the crew. Reality is actually the key ingredients. Stay passionate about what you want to do. I grew up in a place where I didn’t have the opportunity to act in films and I had to leave, but at a young age my father told me, ‘Always follow your dreams. Don’t take no for an answer, even if you have to overcome great obstacles. If you focus on that one dream and take one step at a time… you will get there.”We were able to do it at home and now I can live at home,” he said.

And it all started in a small town with about 30,000 inhabitants.

“We can do it here too.” The key is the truth of the matter. That’s not us. The key is you and your passion. You are passionate…and once you know the industry leader we hope to create, keep that passion alive, keep working hard towards your goals and you will make it happen, just like me and now I am living my dream,” said Anselmo.

NMC president and local filmmaker Dr. Galvin Deleon Guerrero said Krevoy and his staff “want to invest in us. They don’t want to just bring everybody in, shoot what they want to shoot, and then leave. They want to train our people. They want to create a film industry here. They want to empower us to tell our own stories and that means a lot to me and to all of us, so I’m really excited for this opportunity to take off.”

He added, “We are grateful for the Governor’s support and his commitment to creating and developing an industry that will increase the CNMI’s exposure as a tourist destination and, more importantly, provide our residents with a variety of job and educational opportunities.”

Torres donated $1 million to the NMC to create its film program.

“I asked him [Krevoy] to come here and work with NMC because I see there is so much potential [to] diversify the economy and [create this] opportunity for students at NMC… It’s really an endless opportunity for the CNMI, not just for studio and film production, but for tourism in general,” the governor said in an interview Tuesday.

According to him, the production of the film could start in the spring of next year.


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