FACT CHECK: Did Hollywood Celebrities Support Peter Obi As Charly Boy Claimed? – Update Howl

A viral post on social media claims that top Hollywood celebrities have endorsed Labor Party (LP) presidential flag bearer Peter Obi ahead of the 2023 elections.

Charles Oputa also known as “Charly Boy” shared the video via his verified Twitter handle, @AreaFada1, on Monday to his 157,000 followers.

Charly Boy is a singer, songwriter, television presenter, actor, publisher and producer. He is well known for his alternative lifestyle and political views.

In a video posted on his Twitter page, which has now been deleted, some Hollywood actors and celebrities held a sign that read “yes, it makes sense to vote for Peter Obi in 2023”.

“Awesome! Peter Obi’s campaign goes global with top American TV and Hollywood actors driving the campaign.👏🏽,” the now-deleted tweet captioned.

The tweet was widely shared on WhatsApp before Charly Boy deleted it.

On Twitter, the video garnered over 221,000 views, 13,700 likes and 5,681 retweets.

Youtube page @gistdesk also shared a video.

Some of the celebrities seen in the video include; Ice Cube, Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise, Doug Liman, Will Farell, Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy, Eve, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Terry Crews, 50cent, John Cena, Rowan Atkinson, Aaron Paul, Will Smith among others.


TheCable subjected the video to analysis Invid, video verification platform to ensure the validity of the video.

Furthermore, the key frames of the video were analyzed Google reverse image search. The result of the analysis led to wired.com and smilingsquid.com, where we found the original video that was edited to mislead social media users.

Checks by TheCable revealed that some clips from the original videos existed online as early as 2016.

Further investigation revealed that it had been forged the video posted by Charly Boy was cut from various footage from the Wired Autocomplete series, an interview where celebrities answer the most-searched questions about them on the web.

Ice Cube Edition was first uploaded on April 11, 2016 while Edited by Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey answers to questions from the site was uploaded on August 2, 2017.

Other celebrities had theirs uploaded afterwards, while other videos were taken from various other sources.

A look at Charly Boy’s Twitter account also revealed that he is an ardent supporter of the LP presidential candidate.

Before the tweet was deleted, it was slammed by some Twitter users for deliberately spreading misinformation.

In response to the comments, the singer said that there is nothing wrong with this, because other presidential candidates are never interested in the truth.

“I can’t believe some paid trolls come to my page to tell me what video is fake or true. Like the people they support, they were sometimes interested in anything that was true or wanted to do good,” he said he tweeted.

“I couldn’t care less if they are only interested in defending crooks, liars, cheats, drug lords, thieves and oppressors. If you can’t give constructive criticism, don’t come here because I won’t think twice about blocking you.”


A video circulating showing Hollywood actors supporting Obi and getting votes for him has been faked to mislead.

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