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Defensive strengths in the first half

Top-ranked Georgia ranks second nationally in scoring defense, allowing just 9.1 points per game. Florida remained at three points.

The Gators finished with just 88 yards of total offense on 28 plays. They were 1:8 on the third down. UF had 13 rushing yards and only two first downs. A big chunk of the yards came on a 41-yard completion that led to a 52-yard field goal to make it 21-3.

In the first quarter, UF was held scoreless and had 16 yards of offense (3-rush and 13 pass). The Gators got their first down at the 11:25 mark of the half.

The leading tacklers were the sophomore linebackers Jamon Dumas-Johnson and sophomore star Javon Bullard with five each.

Offensive highlights in the first half

Georgia posted a 28-3 halftime advantage with 346 yards of total offense. The final TD of the half came on a 45-second drive that covered 54 yards in seven plays.

Junior Daijun Edwards got his team-sixth rushing TD and 10th of his career to make it 7-0 with 7:15 left in the first. He capped an eight-play 66-yard drive in 3:06. He had a team-high 46 yards on seven carries.

Senior Kenny McIntosh tallied his fifth rushing TD and 11th of his career to make it 14-0 with 1:30 left in the first. He completed an eight-play 80-yard run in 3:28.

Tight ends were the top sophomore targets Brock Bowers (4 for 125 yards, 1 TD) and a junior Darnell Washington (3 for 47 yards), who combined for seven catches and 172 yards. Bowers had his third TD reception today and 16th of his career on a tipped pass that covered 73 yards. It was his fourth career TD catch of 70+ yards. He also has six games with at least 100+ yards, including two this year. In the first quarter, Georgia built a 14-0 lead on 186 yards of total offense (65-rush, 121-pass).

Georgia averaged 41.7 points per game. In their last game, the Bulldogs jumped out to a 28-0 halftime lead and went on to win 55-0 with 579 yards of total offense (192 rushing, 387 passing) on ​​70 plays. the total offense was a high in both seasons.

Senior QB Stetson Bennett completed 16 of 29 passes for 262 yards and 2 TDs. He went 8-10 for 121 yards in the first quarter. In the 2nd quarter, he teamed up with Brock Bowers for a 73-yard TD pass for a 21-0 lead with 12:36 left in the half. Completed a 7-yard TD pass as a sophomore Ladd McConkey to make it 28-3. It was McConkey’s second of the year and seventh of his career.

Georgia is now 7-for-7 on 4th down this year after converting a 4th-and-1 at the UGA 34.

Red Zone Review

Georgia went 3-for-3 in the red zone with 3 TDs in the first half.

Georgia is now 45 for 46 in red zone scoring with 32 TDs and 13 FGs. Today, the Bulldogs are ranked No. 2 nationally in Red Zone offense. UF did not get into the Red Zone in the first half.

Special teams

In the first half, freshman P Brett Thorson punt three times for a 39.3 average and two ranked in the top 20.

Senior PK Jack Podlesny tallied four points, all on PATs. He also managed the excavations.

Point turnovers

Georgia is +2 in turnover margin this season. The Bulldogs have 38 points from nine turnovers. UF scored an INT (Jadarrius Perkins) on the first play of the 2nd quarter at the UF 39. This led to a three-play, -2-yard punt.

For beginners, captains and coin flips

Senior Stetson Bennett (QB), Sr Nolan Smith (SLB), senior Kenny McIntosh (RB) and sophomore Jamon Dumas-Johnson (LB) were captains. UF won the toss and elected to hold the ball until the second half. After missing a few games due to injury, Smael Mondon (MLB) returned to the starting line-up. He started the first five this year.


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