The Original Beer Spa in Orlando, Florida will be your new obsession

Set, set, beer dipping! If you’re wondering what a beer spa is all about and imagining yourself cooling off in a tub of IPA, you’re not alone; I originally thought the same thing when I checked out the Original Beer Spa in Orlando, FL. You also probably don’t know that drinking beer is full of health and skin care benefits. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Beer Day Spa offers unique spa services that are infused with – you guessed it – beer! According to The Beer Spa (a separate entity from the Original Beer Spa), the most iconic type of treatment is the beer bath, where you relax in a tub of warm water, malt, hops and medicinal herbs. And the beer fun doesn’t end there! This great type of spa experience also offers a variety of beers on tap so you can enjoy your time to the fullest.

The Original Beer Spa is the first ever European-style beer spa in the US and the first beer spa in the Sunshine State. If you live in the Orlando area or are planning a trip there, I highly recommend treating yourself to your own private beer spa experience, complete with hot tubs and beers on tap. It is the best kind of date or outing with girls or boys. Keep reading to learn more.

Book a private spa room for beer treatments at the Original Beer Spa.

The original beer bath in Orlando, Florida divided into soaking tubs and hay
Alexa Mellardo

Upon arrival at the Original Beer Spa in Orlando, Florida, I was instructed to change into a comfortable robe and have my picture taken. (After all, the before and after pictures only add to how amazing the overall experience is.) Next, I was escorted to my private room, where there was a cute personalized board with my name on it.

In my treatment room, I enjoyed a 90-minute soaking tub (complete with jets) that was filled with warm water and beer ingredients (including hops), along with cooling hay, an infrared sauna, self-serve beer, and Pandora. I was able to stream some music while sipping, dipping and relaxing. I was instructed to start by soaking in the beer, then head to the sauna and then head back to the hay to cool off.

If you’re not a big beer drinker but still want to enjoy its beneficial ingredients while you soak, don’t worry. You’re completely covered at the spa, which also offers wine, prosecco and sangrias for an extra charge. (Of course I had to try all of the above.)

For one hour, you’ll be able to enjoy everything your private room has to offer, so don’t waste any of it! Private rooms can be booked for up to four adults.

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What are the benefits of steeping beer?

close-up beer dipping tub
Alexa Mellardo

As if you needed any more convincing to drink some beer and enjoy a rejuvenating spa experience, let’s get into the benefits. The Original Beer Spa boasts on its treatment card: “Hops is a natural sedative plant bursting with antioxidants, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory,” adding, “Our unique antioxidant profile helps exfoliate, cleanse and renew your skin.”

The spa also explains that a beer soak opens your pores, increases skin absorption, increases your circulation, and soothes muscle tension and joint pain. So if you are an athlete with strong muscles, go to the beer spa! While I was soaking, I noticed that my core temperature increased, which boosted my immune system. My skin also felt super soft and rejuvenated afterwards, which makes perfect sense since beer soaking is associated with increased collagen production.

Ten out of 10 would recommend this incredible kind of day spa plan. Your mind and body will seriously thank you for this little wellness experience!

Alexa Mellardo

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