How to get from Florida to the Bahamas by boat

Next time in Florida, take a ferry to the paradise islands of the Bahamas – even for the day.

Aerial view of Bimini Island, Bahamas

The United States of America has two land border neighbors – Canada and Mexico. But it also has some close neighbors separated by only a small stretch of water – Siberia is just 2.2 miles from Alaska’s Little Diomede Island, and the Bahamas’ Bimini Islands are only a two-hour ferry ride away. The Bimini Islands lie just 50 miles off the coast of Florida and beckon vacationers to Miami.

Winter is coming and before long snowbirds from the northern US and Canada will be flocking south to Florida and Miami. While escaping the cold in Miami, it is possible to visit a completely different country – the Bahamas – even for a day trip. Bahamian Air Tours also offers day trips to the Bahamas to swim with pigs and more.


Bahamas Bimini Islands – Nearest part of Florida

The Bahamas’ westernmost district, Bimini, has three islands – North Bimini, South Bimini and East Bimini (North Bimini is the largest). Bimini is the closest part of the Bahamas to United Stations and is about 50 miles east of Miami. North Bimini is about 7 miles long and only 700 feet wide. The main settlement is Alice Town, which has about 300 inhabitants. Alice Town has hotels, bars and restaurants and is the local center for the tourism industry.

  • Population: 2000 inhabitants in Bimini
  • Distance: 50 miles (80 kilometers) due east of Miami
  • islands: North Bimini, South Bimini, East Bimini

The main street in Alice Town is called “The King’s Highway” and has a collection of shops, restaurants and bars. The other road is called the Queen’s Highway.

Bimini is a popular destination for American fishermen who go to the islands to fish. Other activities include local nightlife, snorkeling, sunbathing and diving. In addition, there are many shipwrecks around the island (especially the SS Soap which ran aground in 1926).

During Prohibition in the United States, Bimini was used for smuggling as it was a haven and supply point for the rum trade.

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Planning Take the ferry from Miami to Bimini

The ferry to Bimini from Miami departs from Fort Lauderdale Ferry Terminal in the heart of Miami and goes to Bimini Harbor in North Bimini.

  • Fort Lauderdale Ferry Terminal: 2021 Eller Drive, Terminal 21 or 26, Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, 33316

The ferry runs once a day and the trip to Bimini takes only 2 hours and there is only one line connecting Miami to Bimini. There are three to six departures per week (the number of departures was reduced due to the pandemic).

Bimini is a small group of isolated islands quite far from the rest of the Bahamas. If you would like to continue to Grand Bahamas or Nassau then you will need to take another ferry from Miami. There is a ferry service, Miami (FL) – Grand Bahamas, that crosses the longer distance of 85 miles to the main part of the Bahamas.

Parking is available at the Fort Lauderdale Ferry in the Mid-Port Parking Garage. The Bimini Ferry Port is aboard the Fisherman’s Village Ferry at Bailey Town in North Bimini. Upon arrival, a tram will also be waiting for you, which will take passengers to the Fisherman’s Village and the Hilton Resort.

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Ferry fares range in price, with round trip fares starting at around $99.00 one-way on the Balearia Caribbean. Passengers can choose economy or premium economy fares. Average fare is $186 round trip plus taxes – taxes may be $70 per person.

  • Costs: From $99.00 one way
  • departures: 3 to 6 sailings per week
  • Departure from Miami: 9:00 a.m
  • Departure Bimini: 18:00

It is also possible to go to Bimini and back for the day. The ferry departs from Miami at 9:00 AM and arrives in Bimini around 11:00 PM. The return ferry departs Bimini at 18:00 and arrives back in Miami at 20:00. Imagine going to another country for a day in Miami – it’s a fun and enjoyable activity that everyone can enjoy. But don’t forget to take your passport!


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