What’s next for sports betting in California?

Basically, California ballot measure proponents identify a problem — real or perceived — and try to convince voters that their proposals would solve it.

Proposals 26 and 27, however, diverge sharply from this pattern. Instead, they want California voters to create new ways to waste money betting on sporting events.

After such occasions there is no interest from the citizens. If there is any enthusiastic group for sports betting, it is probably the young men who are the main patrons of online fantasy sports games.

Weak demand for sports gambling, plus confusing saturation ads for and against the two measures, explain why both are almost certain to be rejected in the Nov. 8 election.

Last week, the Public Policy Institute of California released a new statewide poll that found only 34% of likely voters favor Proposition 26, while even fewer, 26%, would vote for Proposition 27.


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