The USDA program funds more than agriculture, including a rural fire station – Update Alaba

Representatives from the USDA recently attended a Southside groundbreaking, but it had nothing to do with planting crops in the ground.

According to state director Nivory Gordon, the groundbreaking for the new Southside fire station, which was built with a $4.1 million investment from the USDA Rural Development Program, will “greatly enhance the city’s emergency response capability.”

The new station is built on Alabama Highway 77 south of the Southside Water Works and across the street from New Seasons Church.

“Wherever you are in Alabama, when you dial 911, you expect someone to answer that call,” Gordon said. “Today, with this investment, we are empowering rural first responders and providing them with the equipment they need to help save the lives of rural Etowah County residents.”


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