3 of the best urban legends in Alabama, according to TikToker Joshua Dairen

Joshua Dairen loves ghosts. In fact, he loves anything supernatural, paranormal, mystical and historical.

When Dairen started making TikToks exploring Alabama urban legends in May, he realized the audience for this niche content was huge. His first video on the subject had over 69,000 views and has been running ever since.

Dairen now has over 82,000 followers and has amassed 1.2 million likes on the platform. He called himself “Bama boy with urban legends”.

“Everyone loves something spooky and fun,” Dairen said. “People in Alabama were kind of teeming with it.

In the spirit of Halloween, Dairen told the Montgomery Advertiser some of Alabama’s best urban legends. Here are his favorites.

Spring Villa Plantation House in Opelika

Spring Villa Plantation in Opelika is home to many local legends and has welcomed various paranormal investigators over the years.

An antebellum white house stands on a 350-acre park in Opelika, on land once owned by Native American tribes. Horace King, a former slave, built the house in the 1800s for Penn and Mary Yonge.

“Local legend says that one day the slave Yonge had had enough and decided to wait until he entered the house. When he did, the slave was said to be waiting in the corner on the 13th staircase that led to the second floor where he took his master’s life,” said Dairen. “People said they saw a bloodstain on the 13th step.


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